Rising Star School brings out the all-round development of the student by promoting, personality development, academics uses Information Technology as one way of enhancing its mission to teach the skills, knowledge and behaviors students will need as responsible citizens in the global connected community.

IT learning programs to develop IT skills in the students

Much attention is paid to develop the hidden talents of the child by offering a wide choice of arts and crafts, music and dance, dramas and debates. Cultural and artistic skills are espoused to bring out the creative side of the students. The School also lays emphasis on cultural values, traditions and background and significance of festivals, customs of different religions and communities. Every student is encouraged to participate and develop their overall personalities through participation in cultural events held periodically.

Rising Star School is participating in National Level Cultural Activities Program at Every year.


Many festivals and events are celebrated throughout the year so that the children learn about our rich cultural heritage and traditions. Out of innumerable events, few are enlisted below:

Republic Day And Independence Day Celebration

For the Republic Day and Independence Day celebration, children came dressed as National Leaders and freedom fighters. They sing patriotic songs followed by the National Anthem.

Janmashtami & Palkhi Occasion

The teachers narrated to the children the story of the birth of Lord Krishna and one-by-one they give a swing to the jhula. Along with this, the ritual of dahi-handi also performed & also enjoy the palkhi.

Rakhi Celebration

The children tell the importance of this festival and the reason behind celebrating it. The Children make beautiful rakhies during art and craft session in their classes.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrating by the pre-primary students with great enthusiasm. The students make different forms of Ganesh using rangoli, sand, paper crumpling and saw dust, sequins and glitter.

Dusshera/ Navratri

Navratri is celebrating with great fever. The students come dressed in traditional Indian outfits and dance to the tune of various dandiya and garba songs.


Rising Star also celebrating Diwali or Deepavali as the festival of lights. Children enjoy painting divas, making lanterns and decorating them.


The Christmas celebration is very interesting events for children.

Father’s Day, Mother’s Day And Grandparent’s Day

We at Rising Star also celebrate Father’s, Mother’s and Grandparent’s Day. During these events, the fathers, mothers or grandparents are invited to spend some quality time with their children whom otherwise they don’t get due to their busy schedules and this is also the time when they can witness the way the school works and interact with the teachers.

Field Trips

The children are taken to various field trips as a part of excursions but a lot of importance is given to the importance of the educational values during these trips.

Role Plays

Children are encouraged to come dressed according to the role play designed by the teachers where they enact the characters they are dressed-up as and enjoy themselves. This is a wonderful learning for themselves as well as the others.

Summer Camp

This is usually a fun time after the end of the academic session and children enjoy learning various art and crafts, dance, musical instruments, yoga, shloka chanting, fireless cooking, etc.


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