Principal Desk

Mr.Arun S. Nikam

Dear Parents,

       It gives me delight to interact with you. First of all I express my gratitude for keeping you trust on us. It gives us impetus to do something innovative for you. We are always keen on doing best for you only.

       It is our insistence to make you innovative, creative, practical, ambitious, prompt, presentable and searcher. By doing so, we get real satisfaction and enhance our confidence our efforts are always prone to make the students versatile in every field.

       We always work for making our students well-disciplined responsible, loyal, curious, enthusiastic which helps to make teaching and learning more interactive and interesting As you better know that, Man is a master of his own fate. You should always keep in mind that practice makes a man perfect. According to the aforementioned maxim one should perform his/her duties. This maxim is rightly applicable to every student. If you want to scale the summit of success you will have to take consolidate decision to take admission in such institute where your dream will be able to bring into reality like Rising Star English School. I assure you that your dream of glorious success will definitely come into force here in our school. Here we take special care for your ward to forge head in every field and we are fully committed to do so.

       We follow certain norms and standards which are laid down by the government of Maharashtra pertaining to the educational policy to be adopted and implemented in the school according to the school syllabus. Apart from it, we celebrate and observe anniversaries of great leaders, we also celebrate and organize various functions pertaining to important festivals, birth anniversaries and so on. project works pertaining to the syllabus are also be taken from time to time: This kind of things gives us sense of proper and right direction and helps us to develop proper vision. We are always willing to perform some innovative things for the consummate upliftment of the students with the help of sophisticated gadgets specially designed for the students such as k-yan projectors and so on. (i.e. e-learning).

       We give you promise that we are fully committed to the overall progress of our students. I flatter myself that our dedicated team of teachers are also willing to do so.

       Our government recently introduced a new method evaluation. This new method of evaluation is quite fruitful for betterment and overall development of children. Childrean can not learn all through books only they can learn through various kinds of project, activities and presentation work also.

       If Children learn through this, they will surely become more practical and learning oriented. We assure you that we are always with you for leading your child on the pinnacle of great success. Thank you.

Mr.Arun S. Nikam


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